Life span of the cicada

I heartily recommend this short film about the life span of the 17 year cicada.  It’s by Samuel Orr and it is worth every moment.  You wouldn’t think such a film could be moving….but you’d be wrong, I promise.

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3 Responses to Life span of the cicada

  1. Amy Elaine says:

    Whoa. Mother Nature is so very impressive.

  2. Retha Fielding says:

    I just finished “Margaret from Maine.” I enjoyed it very much. I had seen in in the PSU magazine and then found it on the shelf at my library. I miss my friends and colleagues at PSU and in New Hampshire in general. I lived there for 15 years in Keene and then in New Hampton. George and I are semi-retired in Austin and I just completed the first draft of my first book. I just wanted you to know that I’m paying attention. All the best. Retha

  3. Kristine Jones says:

    Read your book “Eternal on the Water” and was enchanted. I passed it on to all of my friends in Ohio where i currently live. As of today, i am reading “the world as we know it”. Maybe you can clear up an confusion. I grew up in Westfield, Nj (class of ’69) and i believe you did too. Maybe you can clarify. Keep sriting and i’ll keep reading.

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